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Our new product is an on-wall mounted version, so whether you rent or own it can work for you. It installs in under three minutes! It features a fully programmable electronic lock.  It also has a keyed backup entry for easy battery replacement and it has adjustable pins to accommodate most pistol sizes!

 We plan to launch the product on Indiegogo in late October! We have the new product fully designed and are currently working on a prototype; however, we will need a lot of orders and donations to get the funds we need to bring this product to you at the price you want. So, please join us in our release of this product by pledging your support as soon as we launch our campaign

Our Indiegogo campaign is set to start in late October, so please join our emailing list by filling in the form above to get product updates and campaign alerts! This way you can be sure you will be one of the very first to receive notification about the start of our campaign.  The first 30 adopters will get at least a 30% discount, so act fast once you get notification.  Thanks for your interest!!