Our story:

Instant Access IPS was created out of the need for secure home-defense weapons. Each year, thousands of small children are injured by weapons in their household, weapons that were not secure and were loaded. In our household, when there were kids, we had shot locks and gun safes. These are both great solutions to the problem of kids, but there is a trade-off involved. 

Shot locks and gun safes provide extremely limited access to your weapon, both requiring multiple minutes to unlock and load available weapons. This means most gun owners must decide between keeping loaded guns out of the hands of small children and being able to quickly protect their families from danger. This is why we created Instant Access IPS.

Instant Access is not a safe; it will not guarantee the protection of family valuables, but instead is designed to help keep home-defense weaponry out of the hands of your kids, their friends, your grand-kids, and a multitude of other people that should not have access to your loaded guns. Instant Access is made of 18 gauge American-made cold-rolled steel. Each unit is assembled by hand and tested multiple times to ensure quality and durability. The security cabinet is equipped with two electronic solenoid locking mechanisms that secure the steel door to the inner steel cabinet when in the locked position.  The unit runs off of either a provided battery pack which holds eight AA batteries or you can purchase an optional plug in transformer.